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Recovery Shake Powder

An easily digestible regeneration drink with a natural taste, made from lactose-free Swiss whey protein and other natural ingredients, in the three delicious flavors of cocoa, berries or exotic.

It is a powder that you shake with water (or with milk / milk substitute) in a shaker.

Recovery Shake powder Bestellen

You can order Recovery Shake Powder!

To order a 520 g bag, fill out the form in the link below. 

Attention: We are on vacation from September 13th to 23rd (see note below).

We are on Wheycation

From September 13th to 23rd we treat ourselves to some regeneration and are on vacation for some biking and climbing. Your orders and inquiries are being processed, but it will take a little longer than usual to get an answer. We ask for patience.

Order a test package

If you are unsure which of the three flavors you like best: Order a free test package!

Order a test package with 40g sachets of all three flavors via the link below. It's free - but we would be very grateful if you answered a survey so we can improve. The survey link follows with the order confirmation and as a QR code with the test package.

Attention: We are on vacation from September 13th to 23rd (see note above).

Molke shake

Refreshing yogurt-like and naturally fruity whey drinks,our MOLKE SHAKES from upcycled organic Swisswhey..

You've never tasted whey like this – let us surprise you! Our organic MOLKE SHAKE tastes like a refreshing, creamy yogurt drink due to its fermentation process. It's filled with plenty of whey protein, high-quality fruit purees, subtle sweetness, and is also lactose-free.