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Wood & Field

Upcycling Swiss Whey
High quality products, limited food waste

The Team

We're Doris and Christian: avid CrossFit and two-wheeler enthusiasts. We're fans of healthy, natural, and honest food.

More info?

Would you like to find out more about our products, the places where Molke Shake can be bought or about us?
You can find this and much more at wwww.molke-shake.ch.

Molke Shake

The new generation of whey drinks. Surprisingly different: Refreshing, yogurt-like, and naturally fruity whey drinks, our MOLKE SHAKES are made from upcycled Swiss organic whey.

Our mission

We add value to whey, the by-product of cheese production, by means of fermentation and give it a new use as an innovative food.

We are thus helping to reduce food waste in Switzerland.


Good for you.
Good for the planet.